Dangerous Trees

September 14, 2020By Landscape WorkshopAll Posts, Pro Landscaping Tips No Comments

Often times, trees go unnoticed. Part of an endless backdrop of color and shadow, these glorious behemoths stretch towards the sky offering many benefits, both practical and ascetic. It is a wonder we do not pay them their deserved attention. Trees are beautiful and massive. Really massive! For example, a mid-sized Oak with a diameter … Read More

Top Underused Florals

March 20, 2019By toE2vPWbbIAll Posts, Pro Landscaping Tips

March 20th is finally here, marking the first official day of Spring. To usher in this much-anticipated season of sunny days and time spent outdoors,  we would like to introduce you to the top annuals that do not get near enough stage time. Read on to discover these unsung beauties and the benefit they can add … Read More

The TLC your Property Needs Now

October 1, 2018By toE2vPWbbIAll Posts, Pro Landscaping Tips

Fall is upon us! The eagerly awaited season ushers in cooler temperatures, beautiful foliage, and the ideal setting for enjoying the outdoors. As with every seasonal change, the transition into fall also brings a new set of priorities for maintaining and protecting your property. Below, Birmingham Operations Manager Chad Galloway details the TLC your property … Read More

The Right Plant for the Right Place | Mistakes to Avoid in Plant Selection

July 26, 2018By toE2vPWbbIAll Posts, Pro Landscaping Tips

Ensuring your plants thrive is all about proper matchmaking: putting the right plant in the right place. General Manager of LW’s Huntsville Branch, Braxton Ferguson, sheds light on this common landscaping issue and how you can avoid wasting time and money on ill-fated plants. When selecting plants for your property, keep these considerations and common … Read More