Landscape Workshop Careers

As a fast-growing, Top 50 landscape company, LW is constantly seeking the top talent to join our team. The people, values, and quality that have made LW a premier company in the industry also make it a great place to work and grow!

Why Intern?

College provides a unique time of learning, growth, and exploring opportunities. An internship makes the most of this unique time and even pays you along the way! As you take a break from learning in the classroom, you get the invaluable opportunity to let experience be your teacher. Working alongside industry experts and exploring your skills and interests not only provides valuable education but also set you on a trajectory for future success. Companies are looking for individuals with experience, and interning will enable you to better know what you’re looking for too!

The Landscape Workshop Internship Program

The LW intern program provides you with real-world experience as an industry professional and great opportunity for professional and personal growth. For 10-12 weeks, you will work directly in the field at one of our 9 branches across the southeast. Under the guidance of a seasoned mentor, you will receive training in a wide array of departments, including maintenance, enhancements, irrigation, seasonal color, and business development to name a few. We know students are just as varied as the industry, so our approach with each intern is highly intentional. Through goal-setting, regular evaluations, and an assigned mentor, you will receive personalized assignments, guidance, and feedback.

While we hope you have a top-notch experience, we realize an internship is only the beginning. We desire your future success and hope you will consider being a part of ours.

What LW has to Offer You

  • Peace of mind – Trust in our values, long-standing history, and proven track record of success
  • Support – Belong to a team that thrives by teamwork, communication, and camaraderie
  • Training – Learn from an expansive team of experienced industry professionals
  • Opportunity – Develop your skills, take on new challenges, and realize your full potential
  • Growth – Excel with a fast-growing company that is going places and wants to take you with it

How to Apply

Interested in becoming an intern? Email for more information.