Mergers and Acquisitions


Landscape Workshop has been providing professional maintenance services for more than 40 years. Our history of success in both acquisitive and organic growth has allowed us to more than double in size in the past 5 years. Our goal is to partner with great companies who will fit Into our culture of providing a good place to work and excellent customer service.

“We want to buy great businesses, and we’d much rather pay more for a stronger business — It’s a win-win for LW and the Seller!”

~ JT Price, CEO



  • Financial Strength

    Ability to pay market value and in cash

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Experience

    Able to navigate the process quickly and efficiently to get the deal closed

  • Successful Integration History

    Dedicated to integrating all new team members into LW culture
    Committed to taking care of your employees

  • Seasoned Executives

    Proficient working with investment bankers, lawyers and accountants

  • Closing History

    Reputation for closing on Letters of Intent, rapidly and without renegotiation


  • Operates in LW Area

    Must operate in the Southeastern or Midwestern United States

  • Company Owned

    Must be company owned and operated, will not consider franchises

  • $1M + in Recurring Maintenance

    Will consider smaller books of business in existing markets

  • Commercial Landscaping Clients

    Must have a heavy concentration in commercial landscaping clients with a minimum of 70% commercial to residential clients

  • Perform Maintenance Services

    With limited construction operations


Please Contact One of the Representatives Below:

Nicole Lee – (205)

Whit Joseph – (205)

A History of Great Deals

Environmental Landscape Services (Memphis, TN) 2011

Landscape Workshop (Alabama) 2011

Grounds Unlimited (Birmingham, AL) 2012

TruGreen Land Care (Knoxville and Birmingham) 2015

Vision (Alabama – maintenance division only) 2015

Chemscape (Nashville, TN) 2015

Gro (Birmingham, AL) 2016

Henkel Denmark (Lexington, KY) 2018

EcoLandcare (Lexington, KY) 2020

Great Oak Landscape Group (Atlanta, GA) 2020

Volunteer Lawn (Knoxville, TN) 2021

Bayou Lawn and Landscape ( Valparaiso, FL) 2021

Quality Lawn Works of N\VF (Fort Walton, FL) 2021

Images Landscape Service (Chattanooga, TN) 2021

A Cut Above (Columbus, GA) 2022

Greenscape (Memphis, TN) 2022

SouthernScape (Huntsville, AL – maintenance division only) 2022

Bailey’s Lawn Care And Landscaping (Knoxville, TN) 2022

Burning Bush (Atlanta, GA) 2022

RGS (Atlanta, GA) 2022

SEL (Atlanta, GA) 2022

Backed by Investors Who Care

Carousel Capital is a Southeastern focused, relationship driven private equity firm based in Charlotte, NC. For nearly 25 years Carousel Capital has managed more than $2B in private equity commitments. Their people-first approach builds alliances that are more than just an investment.

Seller Testimonial


“L W was easy to work with, moved quickly and did what they said they would do! We were pleased with their integrity, communication and follow through”

Ruben Viva, Owner/Founder
Images Landscape Service