Landscape Maintenance

Our landscape maintenance services are the basis for everything we do. With our complete turf care program, we keep properties looking healthy and increase curb appeal, while reducing headaches for property management teams. At Landscape Workshop, we want our customers to only think about their landscaping when admiring its beauty. That’s why we partner with our customers to define the schedule of work and create a custom ground management plan tailored to their overall goals for the property - then, they leave the worry to us.

A leader in the Green Industry Since 1984


We provide full-service grounds management that encompasses all aspects of property maintenance.

  • complete turf care
  • mowing / edging
  • mulch / straw
  • irrigation

Weed / Insect Control

We use the best pre-emergent chemicals available to ensure the health and appearance of your grass. By doing so, we are able to use fewer chemicals in fewer visits, keeping your cost down while protecting the environment.

  • pre-emerge
  • fertilizer
  • herbicide

Arbor Care

Trees are central to most landscape designs. We provide pruning, disease remediation and removal services to promote sustainability and safety.

  • pruning
  • disease remediation


Our certified irrigation technicians integrate water management best practices when installing irrigation systems, diagnosing, and repairing problems that may emerge.

  • start up / shut down
  • diagnosis
  • repair


We install and maintain shrubs, flower beds, hanging plants and flower pots to add texture and seasonal color to landscapes.

  • seasonal color plan
  • hanging baskets
  • flower pots
  • shrubs / flower beds


We work with our customers to bring their landscape visions to life and keep their property up-to-date with the latest seasonal color plan and other enhancements.

  • landscaping enhancements
  • seasonal color plan

Snow and Ice

Our team proactively works to prepare grounds in advance of inclement weather, and checks the site after the storm to ensure safety and mobility on our clients’ properties.

  • ice melt
  • plow services