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Commercial Landscaping for Retail Stores

Landscape Workshop understands that retail properties need to be attractive to potential customers and well-maintained to keep those customers safe and the business inviting.  Curb appeal and aesthetics greatly increase the chance that the retail business will attract potential customers who are simply passing by and encourage return visits.

Through landscape enhancements, we provide removal and replacement of dead plant material, landscape design projects, property upgrades, and hardscapes. These enhancements such as fountains, plants, and shrubs create a wow factor that will naturally attract the eye of potential customers. Our designs and hardscapes increase the value of your property and boost curb appeal. Our designers can create a plan that is the most beneficial to your business.  One of these ways is through incorporating seasonal colors. These are eye-catching floral designs that create a fresh first impression. Our top-notch Floriculture team specializes in creating exceptional floral displays that produce a standout property. Our professionals provide a plan for seasonal colors to your landscape layout that adds depth, increases curb appeal, and sets your retail property apart from the competition.

Our facility management services include standard landscape maintenance. Your retail property will need a team that keeps facilities in pristine condition. We remove debris, trash, and other undesirable elements from your property with the use of power sweeping, Billy Goat vacuums and blowers, and pressure washers. Keeping your retail property clean keeps any undesirable material from repelling or injuring customers. We create efficient irrigation systems to keep your landscape looking fresh and healthy. We repair, replace, and inspect these systems to make sure they are functioning properly.

With our retail clients, we focus on drawing attention to the business and promoting a clean environment. This can be a tricky endeavor, as too much can be a distraction. We can design a landscape for your retail property that is welcoming to customers and refreshing to employees without taking away from the business. Through our services, you can boost your property’s appeal and increase customer traffic.

Why Choose Landscape Workshop

Since 1984, our team at Landscape Workshop has worked to perfect our craft. By staying dedicated to our core values of integrity, commitment, and excellence in and out of the field, our team has earned the honor of being one of the top commercial landscape maintenance companies in the Southeast. We consistently design each property in a way that showcases its individual charm. We are diligent in our work and guarantee to deliver a top-notch experience to our clients in every project. Our proactive team will discuss every aspect of the process and be transparent and reliable in their work.

You can rest assured that choosing Landscape Workshop for all your retail landscaping needs is a decision for success. We will make sure that your grounds are safe, inviting, and well-maintained. You’ll be able to focus on your business instead of landscaping issues or concerns. Contact us today to get started on creating a beautiful and well-maintained retail property. 

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