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Landscape Workshop is the region’s top commercial landscape services provider. Our proactive management style brings professionalism and top-notch landscaping services to the Alcoa community out of our Knoxville location. Schedule a consultation today to learn how our team can enhance your property to benefit you.

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Commercial Landscaping in Alcoa, TN

Every local community has different landscaping needs, including Alcoa. Our extensive experience allows us to have a deep understanding of each local community’s unique requirements. Our reputation is hard-earned as we have consistently delivered outstanding landscape services to our various clientele.

Clay Spires

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Why Landscape Workshop

We are committed to maintaining a standard of excellence and our teams always go above and beyond to prove that our reputation is well-earned. We have proven this since 1984 and continue to do so. You can trust us to provide complete and comprehensive services with meticulous attention to detail and reliability.

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Commercial Landscaping Services

Landscape Workshop is a leading commercial landscaping company known for its excellent services. Our experienced teams understand the unique needs of the local community and consistently provide top-notch landscape solutions to diverse clients. We are committed to excellence and aim to exceed standards, maintaining our reputation for exceptional service and customer care. Choose Landscape Workshop for the best in commercial landscaping.”

Landscape Maintenance

A well-kept landscape is essential for its longevity and visual appeal. Our landscape maintenance crews are committed to preserving the aesthetics and pristine condition of your outdoor space. We offer customizable services designed to cater to your specific needs, encompassing tasks such as regular mowing, edging, mulching, the application of pine straw, effective weed control, and pruning. With our dedicated team, your property will maintain its professional and appealing appearance year-round, ensuring that your landscape investment continues to shine and thrive.

Landscape Enhancements

Your Account Manager plays a pivotal role in the enhancement of your property’s landscaping, beginning with an assessment of your property’s unique characteristics, climate conditions, and topography. With this knowledge, they will craft a comprehensive, custom-tailored landscaping plan that may encompass a spectrum of elements, including the introduction of seasonal color plants to infuse vibrancy throughout the year, the creation of flower beds, strategically placed shrubs, and the application of mulch or pine straw to enhance soil health and moisture retention. In addition, they may suggest the integration of hardscape features such as patios, walkways, or retaining walls, affecting both aesthetics and functionality. This holistic approach ensures that your property’s curb appeal is elevated, creating an inviting and practical outdoor landscape that stands the test of time, providing enduring satisfaction.


Ensuring your lawns remain lush and visually appealing calls for dependable irrigation systems, and Landscape Workshop’s team of irrigation technicians is ready to cater to your every irrigation need. Whether you need assistance throughout the entire installation process, help with diagnostics and repairs, or simply routine maintenance, our technicians are dedicated to ensuring the flawless operation of your irrigation system.

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We value our relationship with all of our customers bringing them the highest quality service and beautiful commercial landscaping.

“My Job as property manager is made easier because of Landscape Workshop. The account managers keep the great contact and communication with me and ensure that the work that is done is done correctly and most of the time beyond expectations.”
“Customer service, partnership with the supporting the vision of the property, prompt and excellent work results. Outstanding landscaping partner!”

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We have created a stellar reputation over the years by serving an incredibly diverse set of clients. We are well-equipped and experienced in serving the following industries:

We would love to help you bring out the beauty in your property. Every landscape has untapped potential, and we take great pride in enhancing these areas. Contact us today to get started.

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