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At Landscape Workshop, we have created a reputation for reliability and an approach that is meticulously detailed. We provide expert landscaping services across North Alabama. Our clients receive top-notch commercial landscaping solutions and transparent service from our highly-trained professionals.

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Commercial Landscaping in Cummings Research Park, AL

At Landscape Workshop we recognize that Cummings Research Park is a hub of scientific and technological importance for not only Huntsville but also Alabama. As the second largest research park in the United States and the fourth largest in the world, Cummings Research Park deserves to look as great on the outside as the accomplishments on the inside. Investing in professional commercial landscaping can increase employee happiness, productivity, safety, and well-being. Make advancements in an environment conducive to research.

Braxton Ferguson

General Manager

Why Landscape Workshop

Ever since 1984, we have given our clients a reliable service that is catered to their needs. We have a wealth of experience with landscaping needs unique to the Huntsville area. Our wide range of services has been beneficial for Redstone Gateway, Stratford Square Townhomes, AAA Motorist Association, CarePlus Family Medical, Lodges at Johns Road, and Providence Place.

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We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that their properties receive meticulous care and attention to detail.

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Landscape Maintenance

At Landscape Workshop we offer comprehensive maintenance plans. Our dedicated professionals are trained to deliver specific and exceptional maintenance. Their skills include mowing, edging, mulching, pine straw installation, weed control, and pruning. They’ll make sure your grounds are maintained efficiently and beautifully.

Landscape Enhancements

To truly enhance a commercial property, you need a well-trained eye. Our Account Managers are trained to recognize opportunities for improvement and how to execute enhancement solutions. They’ll make sure your property is the best it can be with seasonal color plans, floral designs, hardscapes, mulch, and whatever else may suit your property best. They strive to exceed each client’s expectations and will make your landscaping level up.

Landscape Construction and Installation

Construction and installation take skill and attention to detail. Our installation teams are professionals who are highly trained and specialize in various installation needs. With exceptional customer service and craftsmanship, we’re confident you will love their ability to execute installation projects safely and effectively.

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We value our relationship with all of our customers bringing them the highest quality service and beautiful commercial landscaping.

“My Job as property manager is made easier because of Landscape Workshop. The account managers keep the great contact and communication with me and ensure that the work that is done is done correctly and most of the time beyond expectations.”
“Customer service, partnership with the supporting the vision of the property, prompt and excellent work results. Outstanding landscaping partner!”

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Industries We Serve In Cummings Research Park, AL

Landscape Workshop is one of the largest landscaping companies in the United States. We specialize in providing quality commercial landscaping services to all kinds of companies and organizations throughout the southeast. Some of the businesses we have served include:

We take pride in our reputation of excellence. Whether you need an intensive upgrade plan or are simply looking for a reliable maintenance team, then we would love to serve you. We look forward to continuing to serve Cummings Research Park and the Huntsville area with quality work and a passion for helping our clients. Contact us today!