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Commercial Landscaping In Florida

Landscape Workshop is thrilled to share that we’ve recently acquired Nature Coast Landscape. We highly respect their strong reputation for providing exceptional landscape services in West-central Florida.

Since 1984, Landscape Workshop has been dedicated to serving landscapes across the Southeast United States. Our team is known for reliability and meticulous attention to detail, consistently delivering top-notch service. Our aim is to become the premier choice for commercial property management in Florida.

Top-Tier Landscaping Services in Florida 

Our experienced teams understand the needs of local communities, consistently delivering high-quality landscaping to a diverse range of clients. Committed to excellence and outstanding customer service, Landscape Workshop is the premier choice for commercial landscaping solutions that exceed expectations.


We provide exceptional landscape maintenance and grounds management services in the West-Central region of Florida. Our comprehensive approach ensures your commercial property always looks its best. Our services include lawn care, edge detailing, vegetation upkeep, mulching, and tree care.


Our certified professionals excel in all aspects of irrigation, from installation to maintenance. Understanding the importance of a well-functioning irrigation system for your property, we offer comprehensive services including setup, inspections, repairs, and ongoing maintenance. Trust our experts to handle all your irrigation needs.

Landscape Enhancement 

Our dedicated Account Managers consistently monitor your property, identifying any issues and opportunities for enhancement. Supported by a team of local landscaping experts, we are recognized for our expertise, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.

Seasonal Color

We specialize in creating stunning floral displays that truly catch the eye. Whether it’s flower beds or potted plants, our skilled team knows how to use seasonal colors to make your property stand out. Trust us to craft vibrant and memorable arrangements that leave a lasting impression.

Broad Client Spectrum 

Serving a diverse range of businesses and institutions in Florida, Landscape Workshop’s expertise includes:

  • Corporate Offices 
  • Retail Centers 
  • Industrial Complexes 
  • Healthcare Facilities 
  • Educational Institutions 
  • Hospitality Venues 
  • HOA and Multi-Family Complexes 

Our custom solutions are crafted to cater to the unique needs of every client. We specialize in maintaining pristine outdoor environments, enhancing visual appeal, and creating inviting green spaces. Our impressive client roster and partnerships with esteemed entities in Florida highlight our expertise and authority.

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