Why Landscape Irrigation System Checks Are Important

Sprinklers water grass in a well-kept park with trees, benches, and buildings in the background on a sunny day.

Your irrigation system performs much of the hard work in keeping your lawn and landscape thriving. Many people just set the irrigation system and forget about it, but that’s not always the best idea. To ensure that your irrigation system is performing properly, regular checks are important. Not only can you make sure that your lawn and plants are being watered properly, but you can also help prevent wasted water and money. 

Why Landscape Irrigation System Checks Are Important 

Dive into the reasons below to learn why performing regular checks of your landscape irrigation system is so important.

Save Money And Water

A problem with your irrigation system can waste lots of water and also hit you hard in your wallet. A broken sprinkler head or leak somewhere in the system can waste hundreds of gallons of water. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it will also cost you a lot more than you expect. If you get your water bill and notice that it’s unusually high, it could be because of a leak in your irrigation system. Performing regular checks on your system can help you conserve water and avoid any surprises on your water bill each month.

Avoid Damage To Your Property

Some people believe that the only problem a faulty irrigation system can cause is an expensive water bill. However, that is not the case! A problem with your irrigation system can sometimes lead to property damage as well. Here is how that can happen. One example is in the case of a broken sprinkler head. In that case, the sprinkler might spray water directly onto your house and eventually cause damage to the paint or wood. In the most extreme case, a malfunctioning system could wash away the dirt around your house and eventually cause problems with your foundation. So, to avoid damage to your property, make sure you are regularly checking your irrigation system for problems.

Keep Your Landscape Looking Great

One of the main functions of your irrigation system is to keep your lawn and landscaping looking great. If your system is not functioning properly, then it could fail at that task. You will need to regularly check your system to ensure that your lawn and plants are being watered properly. Too much or too little water can damage your lawn, and reversing that damage could take a lot of time and money. During your checks, you should ensure that the sprinkler heads are covering all the areas that they should. You should also make sure that the timer is working properly so the system is watering the proper amount. With a properly working irrigation system, you can rest easy knowing that your yard will continue to look great even during dry weather.

Increase Your Property Value

You might be wondering how checking your irrigation system can increase your property value. First, curb appeal can have a big effect on your home’s value. Having a lawn and landscaping that is lush and beautiful can add to the value of your home. Conversely, a lawn that looks dead can hurt your home’s value. Next, making sure that your irrigation system is in proper working order and free of defects increases its value. If your irrigation system is broken and needs repairs, it might make a buyer think twice before purchasing a known problem. So, keeping your irrigation system in excellent condition can increase your property value in multiple ways.

Make Sure You Are Regularly Checking Your Irrigation System

Performing regular irrigation system checks can save you a lot of money and many headaches. There are several reasons to keep your system checking, including:

  • Preventing wasted water
  • Saving money
  • Keeping your lawn looking beautiful
  • Increasing your property value
  • Avoiding damage to your property

Not only does a properly functioning irrigation system keep your lawn looking beautiful and increase your home’s curb appeal, but it can also save you money and avoid potential property damage. Checking your system only takes a few minutes of your time and can save you a ton of time in potential problems. If you are unsure of how to check the system on your own, then call in a professional. Landscape Workshop can help you with all your irrigation system needs, including performing regular maintenance checks or repairing problems that have already occurred. Get an estimate today!