What Is Commercial Landscaping?

What Is Commercial Landscaping?

Commercial landscaping involves the design, installation, and maintenance of outdoor spaces for businesses and other non-residential properties. This includes a range of activities such as planting trees, shrubs, and flowers, installing walkways, lighting, and irrigation systems, and maintaining lawns and gardens. The goal is to create attractive, functional, and sustainable outdoor environments that enhance the appearance and usability of commercial properties like office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and industrial parks. Commercial landscaping companies do more than just mow the grass or trim the hedges. From landscape design to seasonal enhancements, commercial landscapers provide a variety of landscaping services to keep your property looking great all year long.

Commercial Landscaping Services

At a high level, commercial landscaping services are those services performed at a commercial property. This could include office buildings, retail businesses, restaurants, or other types of businesses. This varies from traditional residential landscaping that is performed at your home in a few ways.

First, commercial landscaping typically includes more types of services than residential landscaping. While you might have a landscape company mow your lawn and trim your hedges at your home, businesses often require many more services. Some examples of the services provided by commercial landscapers include:

  • Landscape layout and design
  • New landscape builds
  • Maintenance (mowing, edging, blowing, trimming)
  • Seasonal enhancements
  • Irrigation system monitoring or repair

Next, commercial landscape design often requires more expertise and knowledge than residential design. Not only must commercial landscaping look great, but it must be functional as well. The landscaping at a business is often the first impression that a customer gets of that business, so the landscaping must be inviting and welcoming to guests.

Finally, commercial landscaping should be treated as an investment in your business. While the price you pay for an excellent commercial landscape company is an expense, you should see a return on that investment in terms of new and returning customers. This is why it is so important to hire a commercial landscaper who does great work and is familiar with the area and local plants.

How To Choose A Commercial Landscaping Company

If you own a business, selecting a commercial landscaper to maintain your property is a significant decision. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

1. Review Their Work: Landscape Workshop takes pride in showcasing our work. Ask for references and addresses of properties they maintain. Willingness to share this information reflects their confidence in the quality of their work.

2. Check Their Client Gallery: Landscape Workshop provides a client gallery where you can view examples of our work. This transparency allows you to assess capabilities and see if the style aligns with your vision.

3. Understand Pricing: It’s essential to understand Landscape Workshop’s pricing structure to ensure it fits your budget. While some companies may charge less upfront, they may add extra fees for additional services. Landscape Workshop aims to provide transparent billing to avoid any confusion regarding costs.

Selecting the right commercial landscaper, such as Landscape Workshop, can enhance the appearance of your property and positively impact your business.

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