First Quarter Lead Dogs


Each quarter Landscape Workshop’s executive team honors our top performers with the Lead Dog award. Below are our latest honorees. 

Jeremy Comer, Enhancements Manager – Birmingham

Whether it’s helping another branch install hardscapes or assisting with marketing efforts, Jeremy is the definition of a team player. As a leading expert in all enhancements, he is a valuable resource to his customers and peers alike.

Lance Whitworth, Account Manager – Memphis

With Landscape Workshop’s recent expansion into Little Rock, Lance kick-started our operations in Arkansas and helped set the Landscape Workshop team up for success in our newest market.

Montgomery-Auburn Branch

During a time of transition, Brandon Smith (Senior Account Manager) and Ty Harkins, (Account Manager), along with the rest of the Montgomery operations team, ensured that no detail fell through the cracks. They worked tirelessly to deliver quality and consistent service to their local clients, while overseeing various administrative duties until General Manager, Matthew Capps, joined the team.