Our Top 5 Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season


Although the summer may be winding down and school is finally back in session, hurricane season is still upon us. As any seasoned Southerner knows, it’s not unusual to see a spike in hurricane activity in the late summer months, so as a friendly reminder, we’ve put together a few tips to help prepare your property should a hurricane strike.

1. Batten Down the Hatches
Before the storm draws near, be sure to bring outdoor furniture inside your home or office. Reduce the risk of potential property damage by securing gutters, picking up loose rocks, and removing damaged trees or limbs.

2. Create and Communicate a Workplace Plan
It’s imperative that you have a plan for your employees, customers, and/or tenants. If necessary, evacuate the premises with plenty of time, and always make sure to have an emergency supply kit on hand. We recommend filling it with bottled water, batteries, flashlights, and non-perishable foods.

3. Make Haste
Evacuate the area immediately if advised by your local officials. Familiarize yourself with evacuation routes before the storm strikes, and make sure to avoid areas with low-lying water.

4. Stay up to Date
Keep a radio nearby and check your local stations for regular storm updates. Remember to keep your phone charged and sign-up for emergency alerts and warnings.

5. Schedule a Storm Clean-Up
After the storm passes and you’ve received the all-clear from your local officials that the area is safe, call Landscape Workshop to schedule a storm clean-up. With offices across the Southeast, we have the manpower and resources to get your property back to looking like its best self in no time.

Source: National Hurricane Center