The Intern Files: Bryan Harrell


Each summer at Landscape Workshop, we’re lucky enough to host a few of the landscaping industry’s rising stars in our annual internship program. During the two-month program, our interns quickly become integral members of our team and work alongside our crews in the field, as well as the administrative team in our back-office. Our goal for the program is to not only teach our interns the fundamentals of landscape maintenance, but to give them a better understanding of how to run a successful business.

This year Bryan Harrell, a student at Mississippi State, joined our team as an intern in our Birmingham office. Bryan didn’t waste any time getting to work and quickly earned the respect of his fellow teammates in the field and the corporate office. Below he shares his experience with Landscape Workshop.


Tell us about your experience with Landscape Workshop.

I have really enjoyed my summer in Birmingham working with Landscape Workshop. The thing I loved most about the program was the ability to cycle through many of the different departments. I spent time with and got to know many of the laborers, field managers, and account managers. By doing so, I experienced all of the different perspectives of the company, and now have a better understanding of the obstacles and benefits that each employee faces.

What did a typical workday at Landscape Workshop entail?

My typical workday varied depending on the department I was assigned to at the time. My time during the summer was split between seasonal color, enhancements, irrigation, maintenance, and office time.  I would usually arrive around 6:30AM and meet with the field manager to get a game plan for the day. Then, I’d make sure the truck was loaded with all of the equipment and materials that we needed for the day. 

We’d go to the job site and the crew would explain the routine specific to the property. When we encountered a problem, we would reach out to our account manager immediately and figure out the best way to complete the job. Landscaping always comes with unexpected obstacles, but I enjoy figuring out the best way to resolve them.  

11:00AM was always an exciting time because we knew lunch break was right around the corner. Once we completed our last stop, we’d head back to the shop and refuel the truck. Our day was typically over around 5:15PM.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned this summer?

My biggest lesson that I learned all summer was that it takes a whole company of people dedicated to top-quality work to keep customers happy. It doesn’t matter how dedicated an account manager is to delivering the highest quality work to the clients, if there aren’t people in the field with those same values, properties will not look their best.

Would you recommend the Landscape Workshop internship program to your peers?

I absolutely plan to recommend Landscape Workshop to the other students at Mississippi State, and I plan to keep LW in my mind for my future career path.

If you’d like to apply to be an intern at Landscape Workshop, please contact [email protected].