Outdoor Landscape Lighting: What to Expect


With fall approaching, the days of lingering sunshine and later sunsets will soon give way to shorter days and early, dark nights. The good news is, you and your patrons can enjoy a safe and functional property well beyond the hours of daylight with the help of landscape lighting. Whether your property is home to residents coming and going at all hours or a business serving customers well into the evening, landscape lighting ensures that you get the most out of your property 24/7. To help you get started, we sat down with General Manager Austin McClure to outline each step.

Inspiration and Design
Start off by designing a layout. The best way to do this is to walk the property at night, keeping your eyes peeled for any areas you want to illuminate. Create a  rough sketch as you go, taking note of trip hazards, walkways, steps, entrances, exits, and seating areas. Lighting comes in a variety of styles and techniques, so it’s crucial to consider what best suits your property. Both residential and commercial properties benefit from lighting for relatively the same reasons, namely added safety, security, and functionality.

Light Selection
Now that you have a layout in mind, it’s time to select the right lights for the job. There are many different types of outdoor lighting, and they all have different uses. For instance, spotlights and floodlights can be used for highlighting, up-lighting and down-lighting, all of which enhance security. Pathway lights, deck lights and well lights are best for Illuminating pathways, patios, decks, columns and buildings. Consider what you need each light to do, and select the fixtures that provide the proper techniques.

Finally, it’s time to bring your design to life. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend hiring a professional at this point to install the lights. This ensures the job is done properly and provides the desired results. Now, you can truly get the most out of your landscape, day or night!

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