Prepare Seasonal Properties Through Seasonal Color Planting


As seasons change, so do the flowers – literally! Seasonal change-outs are crucial to keeping your property’s landscaping looking healthy year-round. If you leave flowers planted in the fall that thrive in the summer, they won’t survive the fall and winter weather and it’ll be too late to install plants to replace them.

In the fall, when the temperatures begin to drop, our maintenance crews spend days traveling to all of our customer’s properties to pull out “color” (flowers/plant materials) that need to be replaced. Then, a few days later, our enhancement crews install the new color so it can start growing its roots in the soil to be strong and healthy before the first frost.

Here are some of the steps Landscape Workshop takes before planting new flowers to ensure a successful seasonal color change-out:

Check the irrigation system to ensure that sufficient water supply will be available after the new plants are in the ground (this is crucial!)
Pull the “color” (flowers/greenery) from the previous season.
Use a lawn tiller to break up the soil and get it ready for planting (make sure the irrigation system is not damaged during the tilling process!)
Add a quality soil mix, fertilizer, and pre-emergent to enrich the existing soil for new plants
Plan to install new seasonal color as soon as possible.
Our crews normal install new flowers within 3-4 days of preparing the soil and the plants will begin to develop a root system in around two weeks time.

Check out the time-lapse video below to see our crews install an entire flower bed at Southwest Tennessee Community College‘s Macon Campus in Memphis, Tennessee!