The Season of Love…and FLOWERS!


As the number one flower-gift-giving holiday quickly approaches, we thought you may want to take a dive into the message that your gift sends. Red roses, yellow roses, white roses, so many choices – but there is more to that bouquet of flowers you get or give for Valentine’s day, and we are here to tell you just what those might mean!

RED: Symbolizes love, passion, strength, courage, and admiration

Red flowers make great gifts for your spouse or close loved ones.

Red Tulips

YELLOW: Symbolizes friendship, joy, health, and success

Yellow flowers make great gifts for friends or someone who might need a little pick-me-up!

Yellow Daffodils

PINK: Symbolizes gentleness, innocence, and grace

Pink flowers are great gifts for children or a new romantic relationship.

Pink Snapdragons

BLUE: Symbolizes serenity, relaxation, and openness

Blue flowers are great additions in places of relaxation like a spa or a tropical oasis.

Blue Hydrangeas

PURPLE: Symbolizes royalty, tradition, success and admiration

Purple flowers are great gifts for a boss or mentor.

Purple Foxglove

WHITE: Symbolizes purity, innocence, and in some circumstances, sympathy

White is a great color for several situations – to give to children, to incorporate in with other colors, to show sympathy, or to brighten up someone’s day.

White Poppy

GREEN: Symbolizes renewal, good fortune, and good health

Green flowers are great for “get well soons” or a recent congratulatory moment.

Green Hellebore or Lenten Rose

So, when you’re picking out the flowers to give your significant other, child, friend, or mentor, be sure to remember these helpful “color hints”!