Top Summertime Flowers

Spruce up your Summertime Flowers!

Summer is officially here, and what better way to welcome Summertime than with bright beautiful flowers? We have created a list of some perfect Summer flowers to include in your outdoor space to help you welcome Summertime with open arms.




Known for it’s bright blooms, Angelonia is a great way to make your space feel light and fresh.




Begonias have a long-blooming season making them the perfect florals to start and end your Summer. With their bright blooms, they’re sure to make any outdoor space transform from drab to fab!



With their eye-catching blue blooms, Evolvulus is the perfect plant to spruce up a dull area.




Who doesn’t love a tropical colored flower? Lantana bloom in bright tropical colors like pink, orange, and yellow making the space they occupy vibrant with color. With Lantana around, you’re likely to invite summertime guests to partake of their nectar – Butterflies especially!




With it’s love for humidity and heat, Portulaca thrive in the summer months. This bowl shaped bright petaled flower is sure to be a crowd favorite.