UAB Students Get Hands On Horticulture Experience


Members of the freshman class of The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s (UAB) Honors Program had a hands-on learning experience with Landscape Workshop this past weekend! The student volunteers met our crew bright and early at Railroad Park in Birmingham on Saturday, August 22nd, with their waders (high waterproof boots) in hand ready to take on the water.

You may be wondering why someone would need to get in the water with waders on to perform landscaping services. Our crews maintain a wide variety of areas for the properties we service, even if they’re not necessarily on land, but in water. Railroad Park is a beautiful, modern park in Birmingham, Alabama, where it’s easy to see that our crews maintain the turf, flowers, and other greenery. What you probably wouldn’t know just by glancing is that in order for the recirculation pumps that power Railroad Park’s lake, rain curtain, and streams to work properly, our crews have to clean the cat tails out of certain areas in the water. This was the service project that we tackled together with the students on Saturday.

Working as a team, the students and our crew removed the necessary cat tails and shuttled them on one of our trailers to a nearby disposal area. Braxton Ferguson, one of our Account Managers, also educated the students about Railroad Park and the innovative thinking that went into the overall design.

The students were incredible helpers, providing positive spirits and working diligently alongside our crews the entire time. We had a great time educating them about landscaping and horticulture, and are hopeful that we may have even inspired some green thumbs along the way.