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Founded in 1984 Landscape Workshop has built a reputation for expert landscaping throughout the Southeast. We hold ourselves to a high standard, providing professional commercial and residential landscaping services in Beaufort, South Carolina. We offer both annual and seasonal programs, with seasonal color programs, irrigation services, and landscape enhancements. Our dedicated team of professionals has the experience and expertise to keep your landscaping in shape year-round.

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Commercial Landscaping in Beaufort, SC

For many businesses, beautiful and functional landscaping is a great way to make a healthy first impression with visitors. Not only can your business’s landscaping provide a positive and welcoming environment, it can boost your brand image and attract more customers. Caring for the environment around your business not only establishes your business as environmentally friendly but also shows your dedication to the betterment of your community. At Landscape Workshop, we are committed to being the best in our field and approach each commercial landscaping project with professionalism and care.

Landscaping Services in Beaufort, SC

Our services encompass a wide range of offerings, including landscape design and installation, maintenance programs, seasonal color programs, irrigation services, and landscape enhancements.

Wade Martin

General Manager

Why Landscape Workshop

Since its foundation in 1984, Landscape Workshop has been a beacon of excellence in customer service, landscape maintenance, and innovative landscaping solutions. Our track record speaks volumes, built on years of surpassing client expectations.

Landscape Workshop is quickly ascending the ranks in the commercial landscaping sector and is set to become a major player in the southeastern region. Yet, amidst our rapid expansion, our core values of client commitment and the pursuit of perfection remain undeterred.

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Commercial Landscaping Services

Landscape Workshop is an esteemed commercial landscaping firm renowned for its top-tier services. Our adept teams are attuned to the specific needs of the local populace, regularly offering top-notch landscape solutions to varied clientele. Driven by our dedication to excellence, our committed landscapers tirelessly work to uphold our status as a provider of specialist services with a keen emphasis on customer satisfaction. Trust in Landscape Workshop to go beyond your hopes, delivering the pinnacle of commercial landscaping services.

Landscape Maintenance

Our team of experienced landscape professionals provides landscape maintenance services such as mowing, mulching, pruning, weed control, and tree pruning. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of care for your property, providing proactive management, and working to anticipate what your landscaping needs ahead of time.

Landscape Construction and Installation

Our team of professionals can transform your commercial property into a beautiful and visually appealing landscape for customers to enjoy. We offer many landscaping services including design, sod installation, hardscapes, tree planting, and more. The construction crews at Landscape Workshop provide exceptional landscaping services in Beaufort and beyond. Trust our team with the design and installation of your commercial landscaping.


Our skilled irrigation technicians have extensive experience in irrigation techniques and solutions. From installation to repair and maintenance, our team at Landscape Workshop provides comprehensive irrigation services for commercial properties across the southeast. We offer services such as start-ups, shutdowns, installation, repairs, and maintenance. We have built a reputation for timely services, effective communication, and a proactive approach to commercial landscaping.

Landscape Enhancements

With Landscape Workshop’s landscaping programs, our dedicated Account Managers proactively oversee your property, identifying opportunities for improvement while anticipating seasonal hazards. Our team of professional landscapers is dedicated to providing landscape enhancements year-round with the expertise, professionalism, and accountability your commercial property deserves. 

Seasonal Flowers & Flower Bed Maintenance

When it comes to making a memorable first impression, there’s nothing quite like a striking floral design to catch a customer’s eye. At Landscape Workshop, our dedicated Floriculture team are expert in creating breathtaking floral displays that turn properties into remarkable showpieces. Whether it’s working on flower beds, container gardens, or hanging baskets, our team of highly skilled and professionally trained experts consistently delivers seasonal palettes that add depth, elevate curb appeal, and set your property apart from the competition. You can rely on us to craft vibrant and unforgettable floral compositions that not only make a statement but also leave a lasting and impressive mark.

Facility Management Services

We understand that our clients require more than just landscape maintenance to keep their properties in pristine condition. This is why our facility services team at Landscape Workshop offers a wide range of services with the priority of keeping your landscaping in top shape. By providing these services, our team is your one-stop solution to dealing with multiple vendors and keeps your landscaping care and management with one company.

Our state-of-the-art sweeper trucks efficiently cleanse parking lots and paved areas, adhering to customized routes that ensure timely service at our clients’ convenience. Our dedicated staff meticulously surveys landscape and turf areas, removing litter and debris, and utilizing Billy Goat vacuums and blowers for sidewalks or out-of-reach places for our street sweepers. At Landscape Workshop, our experienced crews are fully equipped to perform pressure washing on sidewalks, walls, and other areas as needed, either as part of an annual maintenance contract or upon request.

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“My Job as property manager is made easier because of Landscape Workshop. The account managers keep the great contact and communication with me and ensure that the work that is done is done correctly and most of the time beyond expectations.”
“Customer service, partnership with the supporting the vision of the property, prompt and excellent work results. Outstanding landscaping partner!”

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Industries Served In Beaufort, SC

Our team of landscape professionals is experienced in landscape design and management for a diverse range of companies and organizations across South Carolina. At Landscape Workshop, our client portfolio includes a variety of businesses and industries including:

At Landscape Workshop, we tailor our services to meet the needs of each client, whether it’s designing the landscape for your business, boosting curb appeal, creating designated outdoor spaces, or enhancing the current landscape. Our goal is to always provide quick, reliable, and professional services, building relationships with our clients along the way. We are proud of the reputation we have built of professionalism, transparency, and being the “lead dog” in our industry across the Southeast.

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Wade Martin, General Manager