Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Properties


Whether we embrace it or simply choose to ignore it, we are all familiar with the effects of aging. An old car needs new parts, an aging home requires updates, and, similarly, a landscape that has been in place for several years requires special attention. In today’s blog post, Account Manager Coltin Vaughn provides helpful guidance for managing the effects of time on your property.

The first obvious question is, “When does my property need this kind of attention?” When a landscape reaches 10-15 years old, it is time for some updates. The good news is, you don’t need to start from scratch. Follow the steps below, and you will be well on your way to a landscape that looks good as new!

Replace or Add Plants

Start by noticing what has changed in your landscape. Have some plants become overgrown? Do any look unhealthy? Be on the lookout for thinning leaves and dead branches. Many overgrown plants can easily be pruned, while those with signs of an unhealthy root system need to be replaced. Also, keep in mind that some plants do not take kindly to aggressive pruning. If you have overgrown Juniper or Evergreen trees, for example, removal is the best option. Once you have surveyed the quality of the current plant material, consider if any additions are necessary. Adding flowering perennials or annuals can provide vibrant color to your property, giving it a more welcoming appearance.

Replace or Add Other Fixtures

Take a moment to survey any other fixtures on your property, including benches, planters, hanging baskets, stepping stones, lighting, and fountains. Make sure everything works properly, and take care to notice anything broken or showing obvious signs of aging, like chipping paint or missing parts. Replace items as needed.

Reevaluate Sunlight

Are the trees providing more shade than they were 10 years ago? What once had plenty of sun to thrive may now be struggling to get the proper amount of sunlight to grow. If increased shade is hindering a plant’s growth, replace it with something more shade tolerant. Oftentimes, increasing shade will cause an area of turf to thin out, leaving bare dirt in the place of lush grass. In this situation, simply extending your bed space with pine straw or pine bark mulch will solve the problem without breaking the bank.

Consider How Your Needs Have Evolved

Think through what you currently need out of your property. As your landscape changes, so does your family or business. Where you once needed a swing set, you may now prefer a sitting area or additional plants. Maybe your property now gets high foot traffic due to surrounding developments. Consider how your property can best serve your business or family in this new season.