3 Easy Watering Tips for Every Property


Watering your landscape is essential to keeping it healthy, lush, and looking its best. In order to make the most of your watering efforts, we suggest following these three easy steps:

  1. Remember: Slow and Steady Wins the Race
    When it comes to proper watering techniques, we recommend taking a note from the slow and steady tortoise in Aesop’s famed fable. Just as the steadfast tortoise taught us, patience and persistence always pays off—especially when it comes to your watering strategy. It’s much better for your landscape to water for longer and infrequent periods of time than short and sporadic sessions.During longer watering periods, more water is able to soak into the ground allowing it to reach the root system of the plant or grass, which is the ultimate goal. In most cases, if you water for a short amount of time, the water evaporates before it can reach the roots, which completely thwarts your efforts. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend an inch of water for most turf areas.
  2. Become an Early Bird
    We know waking up is hard to do, but when it comes to your landscape, the early bird gets the…greenest lawn. It’s best to water your property in the early morning when the air is cool and there will be enough sunlight to evaporate any excess water from the grass or plant.If you wait until the middle of the day, especially during the dog days of summer, the water evaporates too quickly and can’t be absorbed by the plants. The middle of the night isn’t ideal either because water can pool and stick to leaves causing fungus or other diseases. So this summer, brush off your alarm clock and put on a strong pot of coffee. Trust us, your lawn will thank you.
  3. Invest in Your Irrigation System
    As with most technology, irrigation systems have improved significantly in recent years. There are multiple new features that make it easier than ever to regulate water levels on your property. If you haven’t already, we suggest investing in a few system updates to keep your property looking its best.For instance, we recommend installing a rain sensor, which detects the amount of rain that has fallen and automatically shuts off the system once a certain level has been reached. A soil sensor can also be installed to detect how much moisture is in the soil and adjust the irrigation system accordingly. These are easy updates not only keep your property healthy, but can save you time and money in the long-run.

For more irrigation tips or watering advice, contact your local Landscape Workshop representative.