Flower Bed Ideas for Spring


March 20th is finally here, marking the first official day of Spring. With 2020 fading in the rearview mirror, let’s look ahead to beauty and new life. Couldn’t we all use a little cheer? To usher in this much-anticipated (much-needed) season of sunny days and time spent outdoors, we would like to give some attention to some of our favorite flowering plants that don’t get near enough stage time. Read on to discover these unsung beauties and the benefit they can add to your landscape.


Scaevola: This dainty yet enduring plant is the ideal option for a border or planter. Maintaining a low growth height, Scaevola looks great in the flower beds or in planters. Even better, you will get to enjoy the blooms throughout the spring and summer. It thrives in heat, doesn’t cycle often, and can tolerate drought once established. Look for this flower in blue, white, and pink.


Euphorbia: Perhaps the most underused, the carefree Euphorbia makes an excellent addition to a spring landscape. It blooms throughout the summer heat and settles very nicely in a bed or planter. Some may call it “weedy,” but we find its delicate and breezy appearance the ideal filler for beds or pots.


Gomphrena: Described as “tough as nails” by Floriculture Director Leah Quarles, Gomphrena can withstand drought and blooms prolifically, even when summer heat is in full-throttle. In addition to its resolve, Gomphrena boasts versatility, working nicely in beds, planters, as cut flowers, and even dried. You can find this flower in shades of purples, red, and orange.


Pentas: When looking for a plant of medium height for a bed, consider Pentas. These pretty flowers come in vibrant shades of pink, red and purple, as well as white. Pentas not only add variety to a bed, they thrive in heat and can be drought tolerant once established. You will be glad to know that Pentas require little pruning and do not “cycle” quite as often as other flowers.


Daffodils: As the perennial of the group, it’s been called the “tolerated” flower of its more showier companions. But, with blooms that appear at the first hint of spring, the daffodil delights us with its beauty while ushering out dullness of winter. Who doesn’t love to see the first pop of bright color at a time when it’s needed most? A hardy plant that requires little to no maintenance and a range of varieties that will continue to delight through spring, you can’t go wrong with the daffodil.


Forsythia: Speaking of bright colors in early spring, Forsythia are often known as the “Easter Tree,” symbolizing the imminence of the coming season of hope and new beginnings. Praised for their toughness and reliability and adored for their bright yellow showy blooms, Forsythia is an early spring favorite that often gets taken for granted. Common varieties, like intermedia and suspensa, make this attractive shrub a versatile option for gardens or planters.