How Landscaping Can Keep You and Your Property Safe


At Landscape Workshop, we know how important it is for you to keep your employees, customers, tenants, and/or guests safe while they’re on your property. Our Account Managers and crews develop landscaping plans tailored to the needs of each of our customers’ specific properties. These maintenance plans offer both a beautiful landscape and efficient property safety. There are several safety elements that our crews always consider when suggesting or performing services for our customers, including:

When installing new plants, our enhancement crews examine potential plant heights and densities to make sure new plant material will not outgrow its area and cause future problems or hazards.
Our maintenance crews make sure shrubbery and plant material stay correctly maintained so they do not obstruct vision or create a safety hazard. Trees, limbs, and shrubbery are trimmed to avoid interference with exterior lighting around the building and parking lots. Bushes and hedges are trimmed to three feet or shorter to maximize visibility around properties.
If potential safety issues, such as holes or trip hazards, are noticed while we are on a customer’s property, our Account Managers report any items to Property Managers so the problem can be fixed quickly to maintain maximum safety.
Proper illumination is crucial for preventing accidents as well as potential crime incidents. Our crews can install efficient landscaping lighting along walkways, in parking lots, and alongside buildings to help boost property and pedestrian visibility as well as reduce hiding places for trespassers.
Our irrigation crews ensure that irrigation and drainage systems are installed and maintained correctly so that water on the property created by irrigation or stormwater will quickly drain away from pedestrian areas and entryways to avoid creating slippery walkways.
In addition to providing solutions for safety on our customers’ properties, we understand that it is important for our crews to be easily identifiable as employees of Landscape Workshop. That’s why our crews are always uniformed and in vehicles clearly marked with our logo. Additionally, Landscape Workshop employees are always e-verified and background checked.
It can easily be stated that plant materials, illumination, and irrigation systems all help eliminate potentially unsafe features from properties and ensure a high level of safety year-round. If you need assistance figuring out the best way to enhance your property’s landscape while keeping safety in mind, contact us!