Landscape Workshop Acquires Gro’s Landscaping Business


Landscape Workshop recently completed the acquisition of Gro’s landscape maintenance contracts. Landscape Workshop is fully committed to providing high quality service and proactive management to all existing and new customers while exceeding expectations and creating “uncommon outdoor spaces” for additional customers throughout its footprint. Landscape Workshop is looking forward to expanding its presence in Birmingham and throughout the Southeast by its acquisition of Gro’s landscape business.

The sale of Gro’s landscaping business was a part of a strategic re-alignment of the business of StoneRiver Company, Gro’s ultimate parent company, and StoneRiver’s increased focus on its real estate acquisition, development and management activities. StoneRiver currently owns and/or manages real estate assets in 11 different states.

Gro was initially formed by StoneRiver to perform landscape services predominantly on StoneRiver properties. However, over the last 5 years, Gro significantly increased its presence in the Birmingham market and performed quality landscape maintenance and installation services for numerous apartment complexes, retailers, office complexes and property management firms in the metro area. According to Joseph Welden, StoneRiver’s President, “a primary goal of StoneRiver in the divestiture of Gro’s landscape business was finding a company that shares its focus on delivering high quality landscape services for its customers.” As such, Landscape Workshop was selected, in large part, for its outstanding reputation and its over 30-year record of professionalism and client satisfaction.