How to Keep Deer Out of Flower Beds

The wildlife that we get to enjoy in the cooler months is truly something magical, but when they eat or destroy our beautiful flowers – now, that’s not so magical! One of the most frequently asked questions that we get in our Floriculture department is “What can I do about deer destroying my flowers?” Our floral expert, Director of Floriculture Leah Quarles answers this issue to make sure you’re able to enjoy both the wildlife and florals of the cool months.

“Often we get questions from customers wanting to know what their options for fall/winter flowers are because they have deer issues.  There are several things we can offer to help out so you can still have a nice fall/winter seasonal color display.  If you want the continuous color that pansies and violas provide, the option would be to use a netting that will keep the deer from eating the blooms and pulling the plants out of the ground.” Leah explains.

“There are cases where the deer can be super aggressive and this doesn’t always work great.  Another option would be to spray the beds with a deer repellent.  The only issue with this is that the deer can become immune to it after a few times so it can be ineffective.  In those situations, we recommend trying things like dusty miller, dianthus, snapdragons, and parsley.  While they will not bloom consistently all year they provide a lot of visual interest and texture.  Sometimes, a bed that is full and lush with greenery can be just as appealing as a bed full of color.”

So while we understand the frustration that deer season brings, we are happy to talk with you and find what might work for your area. Remember – there is almost always a solution! Don’t assume that wildlife = no option for flowers. Talk with our experts!