Lawn Care in the Fall

The fall months are some of the best of the year – the crisp morning air, the joy of different holidays, the pumpkins on porches, the coffee & hot cocoa… but fall also brings challenges for a healthy lawn. The best thing you can do for your lawn this fall is to be prepared – plan ahead. Sr. Account Manager, Jeremy Comer put together a few helpful tips to keep your lawn looking it’s best, even through the fall months.

  • Aeration of Soil: Using a core aerating machine to pull out plugs of soil 2-3″ deep x 3/4″ wide from the ground. This helps relieve compacted soil from the constant mowing of the summer months. It also allows additional nutrients and seed to penetrate into the soil for overall better turf health.
  • Don’t Over-water: With the hot summer days now in the past, be sure to adjust the irrigation system accordingly. Continuing to water with the same amount of days and durations when the lawn doesn’t require it can lead to issues such as root rot or fungus and pest issues.
  • Fertilize: Fertilizing in the fall is a very important aspect of lawn maintenance and keeping turf and plants healthy going into the winter months. Giving them nutrients to store and utilize will put you in the best position for a healthy lawn come the following spring.
  • Reduce Mowing Frequency: Once fall is here it is important to not over mow or mow for the sake of mowing. The lawn has been through several months of constant cutting in the summer months and one of the best things for it once fall is here can simply be to give it a break. Every other week mowing during fall can be advantageous for the lawn health as well as to give more time to spend on the other items around your property such as pruning, detail and leaf clean up.

These simple tips can really help keep your lawn in tip-top shape and healthy, so that in just a few months time when spring comes around, yours is the best looking lawn on the street!