How to Protect Your Commercial Property From Ice


Wanting to protect your commercial property from snow and ice, but worried about property damage? We highly advise to let a professional help you take the right measures to keep your property and people safe before and during a winter weather event.

First things first. Why should you consider using ice melt products on your commercial property? Without doing so prior to a snow or ice event, you leave the chance for untreated, slippery parking lots and walkways. This can be a dangerous and expensive  mistake for you, your employees, and your customers or tenants. Using ice melt products will make your property safer and reduce possibilities of any accidents.

When Landscape Workshop crews perform snow and ice services, they take numerous measures to avoid damaging any part of our customer’s properties, ranging from greenery we maintain to the concrete sidewalks and parking lots. Our selected ice-melt application formulas contain a specially combined blend of chemicals that result in faster, more efficient ice melting results during cold temperatures in comparison to regular rock salt.  These ice-melting agents work by lowering the freezing point of water and breaking the pavement-ice bond so the ice can be easily removed. It is advisable to use these ice melt products only on property that has cured and sealed concrete. Any concrete less than a year old is more susceptible to ice melt damage.

The ice melt formulas we use have a slight tint of color, which makes the application of the chemicals easily visible during application and allowing accurate coverage. By a having visible coverage of the chemicals, we can eliminate the chance of applying excessive amounts of application, which in turn, helps reduce the possibility of damage to your property’s landscaping and concrete. Don’t worry, these tints are formulated not to stain your property when used as directed. If staining does occur, it should fade away naturally within weeks. While spreaders will distribute ice melt evenly, they are also are meant to cover larger areas in the process. Make sure you are spreading ice melt formulas only on surface areas that need it. Using the right amount of ice melt at the right time can make your slick surfaces pedestrian safe and landscape friendly.

Plan ahead and discuss and plan a strategy for snow and ice control with a landscape professional. By applying ice melt before precipitation begins, you can prevent ice from bonding to the potentially hazardous surface, as well as simplify future shoveling or plowing.

Landscape Workshop offers Snow and Ice Services as part of our Facility Services line to keep your property safe and in the best shape during the challenging winter season. We have the ability to handle whatever the weather throws at us, including a layer of ice or a foot of snow. We utilize plows to push snow toward the back of your parking lot and onto grass areas, and use an environmentally friendly ice melting system that will not damage your turf or plant material.  Click here to learn more about our Facility Services line.