Landscaping in Winter: Tips for the Cold Months


While the flowers may not be blooming, there’s actually quite a bit of work to be done during the dormant season for our Landscape Workshop crews. Maintaining your property in the chilly months ensures a green and blooming property come spring, and could end up saving you and your business money in the long-run. Here are our top three tips for surviving the winter season:

  1. Prune Your Property
    Dormant pruning is basically removing old, overgrown limbs so the plants can grow new, healthy branches in their place during the winter months. Not only does pruning eliminate safety hazards on your property, but it also promotes plant health by allowing more air and light penetration, which therefore discourages disease and pests. Save your plants from dying with dormant pruning, and save yourself some money by avoiding plant replacements in the spring.
  2. Remove Snow and Ice
    Don’t let winter storms interrupt your business’ daily activity. Removing snow and ice in a timely manner eliminates potential liabilities, keeps your employees and tenants safe, and prevents a loss of productivity. Make sure to plan ahead and discuss an ice removal strategy with your Landscape Workshop team before winter weather strikes.
  3. Get a Plan of Action
    Now is the time to get your spring landscape plan in order. If you haven’t already, call your local Landscape Workshop office to get your property in shape for the warmer days ahead.