Commercial Robotic Lawn Mower – LW Joins the Fun

Introducing LW’s Newest Technology Investment: The robotic mower by RC Mowers!

Landscape Workshop is thrilled to be joining in on the latest Landscaping Technology Advancement – the robotic mower! This new machine makes it possible to maintain landscapes that otherwise seemed nearly impossible. With it’s stability, accuracy, and reliability, the RC Mower has made tall grass cutting, steep hill cutting, and other not-so-simple tasks, much easier!

“In the past, when we had to tell our employees that they would be using string trimmers for two weeks, or that they would have to run mowers on hillsides for two weeks straight, they would dread it,” said  Jeremy Comer, Enhancements Manager/Account Manager for Landscape Workshop in Central Alabama. “It only takes one person with the RC Mowers remote to do the work of four people. Not only is it more fun for the operator, but they also avoid the snakes and getting twisted ankles or other injuries.”

These advancements are not only efficient, but make the work much safer. Click here to read the full article on how the RC Mower has been able to assist us, and others in the green industry!