Matthew Ridgway Promotion


Congratulations are in order for Landscape Workshop employee Matthew Ridgway! Matthew was recently promoted to an Account Manager position in the Gulf Coast branch. He has over 5 years of landscaping experience and has been with the company for over 3 years. He looks forward to having greater responsibility and taking on a bigger leadership role within LW. Prior to his promotion, Matthew was a Field Manager in the Nashville branch, where he excelled in numerous ways. Nashville General Manager Adam Leger elaborates, “Since joining in Nashville on day one, he was the go-to man for help. If you needed someone to get you out of bind, he did it. He believes in having a strong culture, and his passion for that showed in his work and in helping others. He spent his first two seasons as a maintenance FM and was vital in setting the standard for maintenance in Nashville. We gave him the opportunity to be the Enhancement FM this past year, and he impressed us even more…He has put in the work to earn his promotion, and without a doubt he will continue to succeed with LW. I could not be more proud of the person he has become personally and professionally. Congratulations to a true Lead Dog.” Well done and good luck, Matthew!