The Intern Files | Kensleigh Stephens


Next up in the 2020 Intern Files is Kensleigh Stephens! Kensleigh is a rising junior at The University of Tennessee at Martin, where she studies Agriculture with a concentration in Plant and Soil Science and Golf Course and Landscape Management. In her time at the Central Alabama branch, she has proven to be adaptable, confident, and quick to learn.


How did you become interested in the green industry?

I was a pre-vet major, and I decided that was not the major for me. I have always loved gardening and doing yard work, so I decided this was the field for me. Since changing my major, I have become intrigued by flowers. I love spending time outdoors, and I feel accomplished as I work in this industry.

Why did you decide to intern with LW?

I had a friend who had interned with LW, and they had a great experience. Along with that, my advisor highly encouraged me to work for LW because of the experience that I needed, as well as the great experience another student had. I had not had any previous experience in landscaping, and I especially needed this hands on experience considering my major.

What is a “typical” day like?

I get with my assigned crew first thing in the morning, and I head out in the trucks from the shop. We have a schedule planned out for the day, and we go to the assigned jobs accordingly. As I switch crews throughout the summer, I learn how to operate each piece of equipment that is used for the respective crew.

What have you enjoyed most in your internship so far?

The most enjoyable part of my internship so far has been switching up crews and getting a grasp of the entire company. It has created a learning environment for myself, and I am very appreciative of this. Because of this, I have always had something new to look forward to learning and doing. My favorite part of this company so far has been seasonal color. Coming into this internship, I knew that I was most interested in flowers, so this is no surprise to me.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far this summer?

The most valuable lesson I have learned so far is to be highly adaptable. You will encounter so many different situations and types of people in this industry, so you have to be able to adapt and handle these things in the proper fashion no matter what. Being relaxed and easy going always helps with this.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

If I could have any super power, I would like to be able to teleport wherever I needed to be. If I could do this, I wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time in the car every day, and I especially would never have to deal with traffic! Distance would never be an issue between you and another place because you could just be there in an instant!