Low Voltage Landscape Lighting: What You Should Know

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Landscape Installations



Landscape lighting refers to outdoor lighting fixtures and consists of dependable, weatherproof lights that are used for lighting walls, flower and shrub beds, pathways, trees, driveways and other outdoor features. Choosing the right landscape lighting can impact the look of your outdoor areas. Low voltage landscape lighting consumes less power compared to other types of lighting which are usually powered by 120 volt lines. The benefits from using low voltage systems are numerous. Here are some of the reasons low voltage lighting is the best choice for landscape environments:


The number one reason why low voltage lighting should be chosen is safety. The 12 volts required used for landscape lighting is safer compared to other systems that require 120 volts. The low current used in the system is mostly harmless to its user/ installer, therefore minimizes cases of any electric shock. Outdoor illumination helps to deter unwanted people away, enhancing the security of the home and the people that live there. This is one reason why low voltage lighting is recommended in both residential and commercial landscape lighting installations.

Easy Installations

Installing low voltage lighting is simpler and more economical than a high voltage system, which will require a permit from the local municipality and licensed electrician. Another disadvantage of high voltage system is its requirement to bury lines to a minimum depth or what the local electrical code calls for along with regulations that connections must be made in junction boxes. Low voltage lighting does not have these requirements in most states, as it only requires wires to be placed above or below the ground at any depth and a transformer. It also allows for future expansion of lighting in the future with ease.

Return on Investment

Low voltage lighting systems require less energy to power that its 120 volt counterpart, thus saving money in energy bills yearly. These systems can also raise both the original value of the property and potentially its resale value. Low voltage equals low costs which lead to increased savings. Additionally, the lighting fixtures and bulbs are cheaper to accrue and maintain and this reduces the costs.

Landscape Enhancement

Low voltage outdoor lighting improves the appearance of any given site. They are made up of smaller fixtures that blend better with your landscape making it more beautiful. With low voltage, you benefit from the advantage of arranging and moving the fixtures to suit your needs, thus adding to enjoyment of the landscape. It allows for both up lighting and down lighting, which provides more flexibility than other systems that only offer down-lighting. Last but not least, the landscape can be enjoyed during both day and night.