Landscape Safety Topics: Promoting Safety in Landscaping

SAFETY: Our Top Priority

There is no question that safety is a topic of conversation in many successful businesses, but here at Landscape Workshop, it isn’t just a topic of conversation, it’s a top priority. In all aspects of our daily work, safety is key, whether it’s the safety of our employees or the safety of our clients and those around us.

Braxton Ferguson, General Manager of LW’s Huntsville, AL branch said,”Crew members are all provided with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to ensure their own safety…We [LW Huntsville Team] talk through different situations and how to handle them safely. We are in the public and our activities affect not only the clients properties but their patrons and tenants as well. We train our new team members to disengage the PTO (Power Take-Off) if they are using a mower and throttle down any handheld equipment when pedestrians enter our work area to ensure debris isn’t thrown in their direction to prevent any safety incidents. [Quote: “No job is so important and no service is so urgent that we cannot take time to perform our work safely.”].”

Our branches have weekly safety meetings where they discuss different safety topics and best practices to ensure we are all up to date on how we can be the best safety champions possible.

Another safety practice that we implement is equipment safety trainings. Project Manager David Toda of our Lexington, KY branch shared, “Today we had our local Bobcat representative (Tony) come out to do some training. We purchased a new Bobcat track loader and took delivery of it last week. New machine = great opportunity to train new employees and give seasoned employees a refresher. Training our professional staff is so important and it allows us to better serve our clients.”

As a company, we try to give frequent reminders of safety to our employees and any clients or persons who we come in contact with. Whether it’s through signage throughout our branch locations, or cones and vests out at a job site, safety is something we like to make known as a top priority to all. One of General Manager, Chad Galloway’s (Gulf Coast) favorite safety reminders is a sign hung at the branch that states “Come Back the Way You Came” stating that it’s a phrase that has become something used with the crews daily. Similarly, in our Nashville location, General Manager Chris Clark says that he often reminds his team “We want you to go home as whole as you came to work today.”

So whether it is in the office or out in the field, safety is always top of mind for us here at LW. We are proud to be recognized by N.A.L.P for our safety efforts and other organizations, clients, and our own LW employees. We will always strive to do whatever we can to ensure that when you think of Landscape Workshop, you think of the safe environment we create for everyone we interact with.