Spring Cleaning Checklist


It’s that time again! Spring cleaning season is upon us once more, and these days it isn’t just reserved for musty attics and crowded closets, so don’t put up that mop just yet.

At Landscape Workshop, we’re in the business of making your property look its best, and even though the dreaded winter is long-gone, we know its unsightly effects may still be lingering on your grounds. Now is the perfect time to dust off the winter grime and show your property some love. Not only will it sparkle in the spring sun, but it will appear more inviting to your clients, patrons, and tenants. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. Our Facility Services Manager, Matt Poor, shares his spring cleaning checklist to get your property in shipshape just in time for summer.

  • Give your windows and mullions a good scrub.
  • Dust off all awnings.
  • Out of sight, not out of mind: Hire someone to perform exterior high dusting.*
  • Clean out any vacant spaces on your property.
  • Freshen up and repaint curbs, handicap spaces, ramps, and bollards.
  • Remove all chewing gum from surfaces. (Gloves are highly recommended!)
  • Empty on-site ashtrays.
  • Clean the fountains and other water features.
  • Bring life back to exterior paint with touch-ups.
  • Spring showers bring storm debris: Make sure to clean-out the drains and collect stray branches.
  • Take out the trash, literally: Remove any miscellaneous items or litter from your grounds.

*If you’re located in Central Alabama, the Landscape Workshop Facility Services team can jump start your spring clean-up this season with our specialized services outlined above. Contact us here for more information.