The Intern Files: Emily Gustafson


Auburn student Emily Gustafson was a fabulous addition to our summer crew at the Birmingham branch! She fills us in on her summer interning with LW below.



Name: Emily Gustafson

School: Auburn University

Major: Horticulture

Year in school: Rising Junior

Hometown: Birmingham, AL


Why did you enter into this field of study?

I entered this field of study because I wanted to create landscapes that encourage people to enjoy the outdoors. I want to have a job that allows me to do more than just sit behind a desk.


Why did you decide to intern with LW?

I wanted to get hands-on experience that would allow me to learn more than what they teach in class, and I wanted to learn what it takes to create a quality landscape. I chose Landscape Workshop because of the friendly atmosphere.


What was a typical day in the life of an intern?

I was lucky enough to switch to different departments every two weeks during my internship, so I got to see a lot of major products from start to finish. I got to work with the crews most days.  Sometimes, I would get to ride along with the account managers and see how they interact with their clients and crews. Every day was a new project and experience.


What did you learn from your internship with LW?

Never ask your crew to do anything that you wouldn’t do! I also learned how to work more efficiently and to be adaptable.


 What would you tell other students considering an internship with LW?

For anyone who is looking for an internship in the landscaping business, try Landscape Workshop! The employees there want to see you succeed. They are patient, and I didn’t have a single bad teacher. You also get to experience so much more than what you might learn in the classroom. You won’t regret this internship.