The Intern Files: Landen Rucker


Our Gulf Coast branch was fortunate to have Mississippi State student Landen Rucker as an intern this summer. Below, Landen elaborates on what his job entailed and the impression it left on him.

Name: Landen Rucker

School: Mississippi State University

Major: Landscape Architecture/Landscape Contracting

Year in school: Rising Junior

Hometown: Lucedale, MS

Why did you enter into this field of study?

I always knew I was going to attend Mississippi State University; however, I spent much time pondering what I would study. At a young age, I developed a love for plants and learning about them.  This, paired with my love of lawncare, led me to major in Landscape Architecture and Contracting.  Now that I’m finishing a summer internship with LW and entering my Junior year, I am still just as interested in my field of study and even more excited to see what the future holds.

What was a typical day in your internship?

The exciting aspect of working with Landscape Workshop was never knowing what the day would hold or the obstacles ahead.  Each day required attention to detail and care from each employee to make the properties look their very best. 

What did you enjoy the most about your internship?

I got to experience a variety of properties and meet a variety of people. It was very educational, especially having the opportunity to work on the commercial beach properties during peak tourism. Seeing the amount of time the whole LW team spent planning and executing gave me great insight into what it actually takes to run large commercial properties.

What makes LW different?

What sets LW apart is the quality of the work. Everyone goes the extra mile during each and every visit to a property, ensuring they look their very best.

What would you tell other students considering an internship with LW?

Landscape Workshop is a great company that is in the process of growing and expanding their brand to different regions. As a student, seeing the vast opportunity that LW offers and the potential to have a great career is exciting.