The Intern Files | Reid Mays


Landscape Workshop is thrilled to welcome 8 university interns to our team this summer! From Auburn Tigers to Kentucky Wildcats, these students represent a variety of schools across the Southeast and have chosen to spend their summer gaining real-world experience in the green industry. Over the span of their internship, they will work on diverse properties doing everything from maintenance to enhancements to irrigation to floriculture. To provide support along the way, an LW manager serves as a mentor to each intern, providing coaching, training, shadowing, and feedback. These talented, hard-working students contribute greatly to our work, and we hope to provide them with valuable opportunities to learn beyond the classroom and gain skills and knowledge for their future endeavors.

Today we begin the 2020 Intern Files by introducing you to Mississippi State University student Reid Mays! A Birmingham, AL native, Reid is a rising sophomore studying Landscape Contracting and Management. Account Manager Coltin Vaughn has enjoyed having Reid on the team this summer, noting, “He’s got a strong work ethic and is always asking questions and looking for new things to learn.”

How did you become interested in the green industry?

I would say it would have to date back to the very first cut I made with a push mower. Ever since then I have really enjoyed landscaping.

Why did you decide to intern with LW?

The main reason was because I shadowed my uncle on career day when I was a senior in high school and really enjoyed it. I had also always heard people talk very highly of Landscape Workshop and knew that if I was going to intern I needed to start at LW.

What is a “typical” day like?

You have to start it off with a PB&J and a nice cup of coffee. Then you’re off to work for ten hours, but I have yet to finish a day not feeling accomplished or proud of the work that was done that day.

What have you enjoyed most in your internship so far?

For me, I enjoyed maintenance the most because I really like jumping from property to property. I also picked up a lot of experience talking with property managers and residents of the places we worked at.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far this summer?

The importance of people skills. It is very important to maintain a strong and friendly relationship with the clients you have.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Flying. That would just be super cool to fly everywhere for free.