Our Third Quarter Lead Dog Awards


Last week the Landscape Workshop management team gathered in Columbiana, Alabama for our quarterly staff meeting. Along with discussing financial performance and our goals for next year, we continued the tradition of the quarterly Lead Dog awards, which honor our team members who performed outstanding work throughout the last quarter. The third quarter honorees are:

Wes Pittman, Account Manager
Wes has been an integral member of the Landscape Workshop team since 2010. With over 30 years of experience in the green industry, Wes previously served as an Account Manager for our Memphis branch before relocating to our Nashville branch. As General Manager, Adam Leger, noted, Wes is a true team player. His sense of humor and overall positive attitude, coupled with his expertise on all things landscaping, are just a few of the reasons why Wes is beloved by his clients and teammates alike.

Brittany Hubbard, Branch Administrator (Bessemer and Construction)
As Bill Cobb, Vice President, simply put it – “Brittany Hubbard is our heart.” She is responsible for overseeing all the daily functions of the Central Alabama and Construction branches. From invoicing to expenses to keeping the team in line, Brittany makes sure the branches run smoothly and takes care of everyone’s needs. Bill continues, “She exemplifies all things the Lead Dog award stands for, and I don’t know how our business would manage without her.”

Nashville Branch
Under General Manager, Adam Leger’s, direction the Nashville branch has not only improved customer retention numbers by double digits since last year, but they are also set up for a tremendous financial performance for 2018. Chief Operating Officer, Paul Young, cited the teamwork, positive atmosphere, and outstanding work quality as just a few of the reasons why the executive team chose to award the branch award to the Nashville team.

Congratulations to all our third quarter lead dogs!