Popular Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, so we thought we might help by dropping a hint of a few of the most popular Mother’s Day flowers!



Known as the “official flower of Mother’s Day” carnations are a wonderful gift for mothers on their special day. Traditionally, red and pink carnations are given to mothers still living, while white carnations are given to those (usually placed at their gravesite) who have passed on.



Is your mother lighthearted, friendly, sweet, and innocent? Daisies might be just the flower for her! These playful and light flowers are sure to brighten up any mother’s day!



You can never go wrong with roses. Yellow or orange roses signify feelings of gratitude and joy, making for a wonderful way to express thanks for your mother. Pink roses are also a great option for mom as they signify gentleness and kindness.



Lilies are a significant flower to showcase devotion and purity, two qualities that a mother is sure to want to represent.



With a message of “perfect and deep love”, tulips showcase a deep rooted appreciation for those who receive them. The perfect flower for any family member to show unconditional love, tulips are sure to get your message of gratitude across to your mother this Mother’s Day.


No matter what flowers you decide, they are sure to brighten any Mother’s Day!